Crab - Chili or Black Pepper
Fish Head Curry
Ikan Pangang
Sambal's Sweet & Sour Fish
Sweet & sour fish served with tomato, capsicum & onion
Sambal's Seafood Egg Tofu
Freshly made fried tofu with seafood, abalone mushroom in gravy sauce.
Sambal's Chicken Egg Tofu
Freshly made fried tofu with chicken minced
Salt & Pepper Squid
Sambal's Chili Prawns (with shell)
Succulent prawns (with shell) sauteed with our in house special chili crab sauce
Weekend Lunch
(available for Sat and Sun lunch only)
Assam Laksa (1st weekend)
Thin rice noodles in tangy fish soup, garnished with slices of fresh cucumber, onion, pineapple and mint leaves. A Penang favourite with a unique flavour
Mee Rebus (2nd weekend)
Egg noodles garnished with prawn fritters, fried bean curd and boiled egg in thick tangy soup
Roti Chanai (3rd weekend)
A Malaysian Indian dish consisting of grilled flaky, layered bread served with chicken curry
Fried Kueh Kak (4th weekend)
Savoury cakes made of rice flour, fried with garlic, chives, eggs and bean sprouts
KL Hokkien Mee (Our Chef's Special)
Egg noodle braised in dark soya sauce with prawns, chicken, squid, fish cake & Chinese vegetables.
Poh Piah - 2 rolls (only when available)
A non fried soft spring roll filled with braised vegetables, meat, prawns, and friend bean curd. (served with a sweet sauce and chili)